Learn How to Smooth & Enrich Skin In Photoshop:

In this digital era of social presence the importance of digital appearance is as important as is our qualification in the physical world and this is exactly where post treatment of display pictures pop in. The myths attached to the first impression still remains alive in the digital world. Now a days there are numerous modes to enhance and enrich your images using software and filters. Despite the presence of so many user-friendly tools, Adobe Photoshop still leads the ranking list as a professional tools to get the goose cooked.

Similarly alongside the wide availability of treatment software available in the market; each software has numerous ways to treat an image.


Today we will share a unique technique of photo treatment with you to teach you how to retouch a photo professionally.


Let’s begin our today’s tutorial,


By the end of this tutorial you will learn how to,

  1. Remove uneven skin tone.
  2. Remove skin acne.
  3. Remove face marks.
  4. Add glow to face.


The need of the hour is to learn fast how to apply skin treatment instantly through Adobe Photoshop and become a professional.

All through five simple steps!

  1. Apply High Pass Filter.
  2. Apply Invert.
  3. Set to Overlay Blending Mode.
  4. Make a Mask.
  5. Remove Desired Selection.

To Watch Video Click Following Link,

Quick Video Tutorial For Skin Treatment using Photoshop. 



“برکت” کا انگریزی ترجمہ کیوں نہیں ؟

زبان کا مفہوم “الفاظ کی شکل میں جذبات اور سوچ کی منتقلی ہے.” اسے ایک مقام سے دوسرے مقام تک پہنچانے کو “کمیونیکیشن” کہتے ہیں.یہ بات بھی سب جانتے ہیں کہ ہر علاقہ کے لوگوں کے جزبات اور رویے بھی مختلف ہوتے ہیں. کچھ محنتی مشہور ہیں تو کچھ چالاک . یہی وجہ ہے کہ دنیا میں ہر قوم کی الگ زبان ہے. گزرتے وقت کے ساتھ جوں جوں اقوام کے جزبات و خیالات سلجھتے اور میچور ہوتے جاتے ہیں زبان بھی بدلتی جاتی ہے .

چاند اور جوہری طاقت کی دوڑ سے کہیں پہلے ماس میڈیا کی دوڑ شروع ہو چکی تھی. تمام اقوام عالم اس کوشش میں تھے کہ ان کی زبان دنیا کی واحد زبان بن جائے. اسی اثنا میں کئ زبانی پیدا ہونے کے ساتھ ساتھ شہید بھی ہوئیں.

کلونئیل ایج میں برطانوی سلطنت جس علاقہ پر بھی قابظ ہوتی تو انگریزی وہاں لازمی چھوڑ جاتی.

زبان کے کامیابی کے پیمانے بھی وقت کے ساتھ ساتھ بدلتے گئے. کبھی اچھی زبان کا پیمانا اس میں الفاظ کا زیادہ ہونا تھا پر آج کل کے دور میں اس زبان کو اچھا سمجھا جاتا ہے جس میں کم سے کم الفاظ میں زیادہ سے زیادہ بات سمجھائ جا سکے.

ہم مسلمان ہیں ہمارےلئے یہ فیصلہ بہترین فیصلہ کرنے والی ذات نے کیا ہے. غرض ہمارا ایمان ہے کہ عربی سے بہترین زبان کوئ نہیں.

انگریزی جسے آج دنیا کی سب سے بڑی زبان ہونے کا شرف حاصل ہے بہت سے مثائیل کا شکار ہے.بہت سے الفاظ ایسےہیں جو بولنے میں ایک جیسے ہیں پر لکھنے میں الگ.

پھر بہت سے الفاظ انگریزی میں موجود ہی نہیں جیسے اگر آپ اردو کے لفظ “برکت” کا ترجمہ ڈھونڈیں تو آپ کو لفظ Blessing ہی ملے گا جو کہ بالکل بھی اس کی برابری کا نہیں.

جیسے ہم نے پہلے ذکر کیا کہ زبان کا تعلق خیالات کے اظہار سے ہے تو یہ کہنا غلط نہ ہوگا کہ نِت نئی ایجادات کے لیئے بھی زبان کا قردار بہت اہم ہے.

اگر آپ لفظ “برکت” کی ہی مثال لیں تو اس کا قریب ترین انگریزی مترادف لفظ Efficiency یا Effectiveness ہے جس کی اسلامی تعلیمات میں گہری دخل اندازی ہے.

وہ کیسے؟

کیونکہ اسلام ایک مکمل ضابطہ حیات ہے اوراس عقیدہ کی روح سے اس کی تعلیم بھی مکمل ہے. خواہ وہ سائینس ہو, سیاست ہو یا قانون , اسلام نے سب سمجھا دیا .

اگر ہم دنیاوی تعلیم کی بات کرتے ہیں تو اس میں وقت کو ناپنے کے لئے صرف ایک پیمانہ ہے.

“کسی بھی ایک لمحہ کو دوسرے لمحہ کے مترادف یا ریلیونٹ رکھ کر فرق نکالنا.”

عموماً ہم یہ کام گھڑی یا اسٹاپ واچ کے ذریعہ سر انجام دیتے ہیں. آئینسٹائین سمیت بہت سےدوسرے ماہرین کا کام اسی کانسیپٹ پر انحصار کرتا ہے. ان سب نے صرف ریلیونٹ وقت کو جانچا اور وقت کی برکت پر کسی نے کام نہیں کیا.

Usman Bin Zaheer
(This picture may support my case that an information worth 4 seconds has been preserved in a single frame. )

بہترین کتاب قرآن نے دونوں طرح کے اوقات کا تذکرہ کیا ہے.

اگر ہم دین سے ہٹ کر بھی سوچیں تو یہ نہیں بتا سکتے کہ اچھا وقت جلدی اور برا وقت دیر سے کیوں گزرتا ہے؟

ایک رات میں خوابوں کے ذریعے کئی راتیں کیسے گزار لیتے ہیں؟

اگر آپ ان باتوں پر غور کریں تو محسوس ہوتا ہے کہ ابھی

اس حساب سے سائنس کا قاعدہ پھر سے لکھنے کا وقت آگیا ہے جس میں وقت کو redefine کرنے کی ضورت ہے جس کا اثر نہ صرف موجودہ فارمولوں پر ہو گا بلکہ time and space پر بھی لاحق ہوگا۔

اسی طرح دنیا میں موجود ہر چیز پر برکت کا اثر ہوتا ہے اور مسلمان ہونے کی حیثیت سے ہمارا ایمان ہے کے ہر کام میں برکت بھی اللہ کی طرف سے ہوتی ہے۔

Class Bee

One Earth One Life …

We must understand the important role played by the honey bees in the #ecological cycle of our planet #Earth; from production of tasty healthy honey to the pollination of flowers.

(A typical female worker #honeybee on a #sunflower in #Lahore)

Cutting trees, increase in air #pollution and massive use #pesticides are directly affecting the life of honey bees in #Pakistan. It’s an alarming fact that planet Earth won’t survive for four years after the extinction of honeybees due to an end to pollination of plants.

Do you know they produce honey as food stores for the hive during winter? Luckily for us, these efficient little workers produce 2-3 times more #honey than they need.

Honey bees live in hives. The members of the hive are divided into three types: The #Queen , the Worker and the Drone. If the queen bee dies, workers will create a new queen by selecting a young larva (the newly hatched baby insects) and feeding it a special food called “royal jelly“. This enables the larva to develop into a fertile queen.

They fly at 24Km/hour speed and the queen can lay up to 2500 eggs per day.

(photo by Usman Bin Zaheer)

Even in #Quran Allah has mentioned how beneficial honey is for mankind,

“٦٩ ثُمَّ كُلِي مِنْ كُلِّ الثَّمَرَاتِ فَاسْلُكِي سُبُلَ رَبِّكِ ذُلُلًا ۚ يَخْرُجُ مِنْ بُطُونِهَا شَرَابٌ مُخْتَلِفٌ أَلْوَانُهُ فِيهِ شِفَاءٌ لِلنَّاسِ ۗ إِنَّ فِي ذَٰلِكَ لَآيَةً لِقَوْمٍ يَتَفَكَّرُونَ

“Then eat from all the fruits and follow the ways of your Lord laid down [for you].” There emerges from their bellies a drink, varying in colors, in which there is healing for people. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who give thought.”

The need of the hour is to protect this heavenly creature and try to preserve its #habitat not just for the sake of #business but for the sake of saving our planet aswell.

I took this photoshoot a couple of days back in Lahore on a bright sunny day.

Absolutely Not or Why Not?

The timing of a recent #advertisement campaign by one of the top slot beverage company is no #mistake! For ages this company has been marketing its product as a representative of #youth #swag and coolness. Luckily I had a chance to work for IAL Saatchi and Saatchi for a month and took a peek at their advertisement campaign development cycle during their show “Battle of the Bands”۔ Although they have outsourced an agency but it was of no surprise to witness professionalism at each and every step of it from #conception to execution. Each c oncept and idea is properly discussed and studied along with a projected #feasibility of its impact on target audience. Finally after hours and hours of constructive,creative and critical discussion the creative, #branding and agency units secure the action plan. Under such work flow it is very difficult to make a #mistake.

Now in a nation where majority of the reactions against anti-Islamic global incidents ends up in unofficial banning of foreign soft #drinks, how can the marketing department launch a #campaign with a punch-line which is the exact reply to a famous statement of Prime Minister #ImranKhan in his recent interview to #CNN. In the interview the host asked about the willingness of the Government of Pakistan to provide space to the US government during Afghanistan war and the PM Imran Khan clearly replied “Absolutely Not”. From print media to electronic media to digital, this reply by the PM was talk of the town. It remained a top twitter trend for almost a week. One of the core reason for its popularity was that this was the first time that someone representing #Pakistan, stood aggressively against the winds to refuse proclaimed super power of the world. For the first time Pakistan was represented globally as a courageous nation that is aware of its good and bad.

Being the representative of youth of the nation this soft drink beverage company has launched a campaign “Why not meri Jan” right at the time when PM’s statement “#Absolutely Not” was leading the trends. Now the million dollar question is why would an international company with such a professional, #creative and secure work flow would approve such a campaign that contradicts the #government’s point of view.

(Bottle packing، billboards، TVC،Radio branding of pepsi)

The beverage company has released two #songs on this theme. This media is being punched and pumped into satellite and digital media in high frequency۔

(Before entering politics PM Imran Khan appeared in advertisement campaign of #Pepsi)

NFT digital art work by Oxheer:

The Forbidden Fruit

The #forbidden fruit of #heaven, the first #sin that originated the sense of #shame on the canvas of life, must have been #sexually attractive and full of #lust.

Have you ever felt ashamed?

The pain of molested privacy by unfolding secrets.

Free Masonic Bud

Secrecy is not always #evil. In this art I have tried to project the #FreeMasonic #society in a fresh clean green manner.

The Society

Unaware of the inborn #filths, the #society will never get tired of #judging others.

Nature Heals

Nature always manage to #comfort #soul, all we need to do is to sit back #relax and #observe silently

All above images are on sale at #OpenSea as #NFT s.

Taste the wrath of the #BoobaNation ! They are here in their purest form ! No AI codes were applied, each #character has been prepared with individual attention and uniqueness .

Another Gif experiment drawn from a picture of house fly that I took is underneath.

(A dead fly on my palm)

This picture bloomed a cocktail of ideas in my mind wrapped with nostalgic feelings of my childhood. Finally after some decent input I concluded the image in following manner.

Candy Fly

Up above the world so High
Morning Booze is like a Fly.
Short, full of colors and always wrapped in filth and guilt.

Reminds me of my childhood when there used to be a lot of attractive and eye candy magnets around us, but we were always told to stay away from them for one reason or another. “To the childhood…”

To find more #NFT visit here .

Our Planet in the rehabilitation

Detoxifying for almost two years, mother earth is celebrating its second spring in Corona rehab. Looking at the quality of flora and fauna one can easily claim that such pandamic was Kuch needed to give our planet a break from pollution. The colours of the spring are brighter than every before. Some random clicks of the spring 2021 in Islamabad.

Super micro lense of Redmi note 10 Pro

کیا پانی سر سے گزر گیا ہے ؟

گلوبل وارمنگ سے زیادہ بڑا مسئلہ ، موسمیاتی تبدیلی کو سنجیدہ نہ لینا ہے۔
موسمیاتی تبدیلی سے متعلق حکومتی اور انفرادی سطح پر بارہا اور ہر ممکن کوشش کی جا چکی ہیں
کہ شائد لوگوں میں فکر کی چنگاری جلائی جا سکے
پر حقیقت یہ ہے کہ لوگ سچ سننا ہی نہیں چاہتے

کلائمٹ چینج پر کنٹرول پانے سے متعلق تمام تر باتیں بورنگ اس لئے لگتی ہیں کیونکہ ہم حقیقت سے دور نفی کے فیز میں زندگی گزار رہے ہیں۔

ہم جانتے ہوئے بھی ممکنہ تباہی سے انکاری ہیں۔

اگر آپ کو پتہ لگے کہ آپ جس سڑک سے گھر جاتے ہیں وہاں کسی وجہ سے ٹریفک جام ہے تو یقینا” آپ کوئی متبادل روٹ اختیار کریں گے۔
مگر جب میں آپ سے کہوں گا کہ آنے والے سالوں میں آپ کے پاس سانس لینے کو تندرست ہوا نہیں ہو گی تو آپ ایک کان سے سن کر دوسرے سے نکال دیں گے۔

ایسا کیوں ہے؟
اس سوچ کے پیچھے سب سے بڑی وجہ ہے ہماری خود غرضی۔
سب یہ سوچ کر ایزی ہو جاتے ہیں کہ

“ہمیں کیا فرق پڑتا ہے؟”

“آنے والی نسلیں جانیں”
“ہماری زندگی میں تو اس کا کوئی اثر نہیں ۔”

ایسے تمام بھائیوں کے لیئے میرے پاس ایک بری خبر ہے

کلائیمیٹ چینج کے اثرات تیزی سے رونما ہو رہے ہیں ۔

یہ ماسک جسے آپ پہن پہن کر اکتا گئے ہیں سن دو ہزار تیس تک اسموگ کی وجہ سے آپ کی زندگی کا مستقل حصہ بننے جا رہا ہے۔
اسی سال تک دس کڑور لوگ زراعت میں کمی کے باعث غربت کا شکار ہو جائیں گے.
تقریباً ڈھائی لاکھ افراد سالانہ موسمیاتی تبدیلی سے پیدا ہونے والی بیماریوں کی وجہ سے لۡقمہِ اجل بن جائیں گے ۔

یہ تو تھی دو ہزار تیس کی بات ۔
سن دو ہزار چالیس تک پوری دنیا کا درجہ حرارت دو ڈگری سینٹی گریڈ سے تجاوز کر جائے گا۔
جس سے پاکستان سمیت دوسرے ممالک کو سالانہ کئی سیلابوں کا سامنا کرنا پڑے گا۔
دوسری طرف دنیا کی مزیدآٹھ فیصد آبادی پانی سے محروم ہو جائے گی۔

سمندر کی سطح ساٹھ سینٹی میٹر تک بلند ہو جائے گی اور کئی ممالک رہنے کے قابل نہیں رہیں گے۔
اس سب سے پیدا ہونے والے مالی اور معاشی نتائج کئی جنگوں کی وجہ بن سکتے ہیں ۔

یہ آنے والے بیس سالوں کی کہانی ہے !
جسے لکھنے والا کوئی اور نہیں
ہم خود ہیں۔

صرف بیس سال !

Margalla National Park – “Track V”

Was such a challenge-ingly hectic yet soul refreshing experience on some of the stiffest hills of “#Margala National Park” .

Well it was one of those experiences when you have not been given enough time to anticipate the experience or to do your calculations before concluding to any decision … Hence I agreed to go on a hiking trip with my co-workers…

We went there and it was quite a surprise !

Freshly baked oxygen; detoxing mind and soul…

Smell of green starch; Connecting to the nature.

The sound of the no sound; the piece of the inner peace.

All this simply cuts you off from the world.

A one line summary would be, “Disconnected with the world; Connected with the Earth”

Well the #trail started with an energetic attitude and the overall experience was a multi dynamic cocktail of fresh energy, wild uncertainty and courage.

During the journey the moment the first fresh water stream passes by, the challenges start to mature along with your anticipations….

The tracks are well maintained and they act very well as your only tour guide; Ensuring you are on the right track.

The noticeable presence of #honey bee, birds and #spiders, far away from the metropolitan life of the city, were showing positive and pleasant sings of the post #covid-19 wildlife.

Based on my experience, I would highly recommend following “Must to do” instructions for track 5.

-Although I would recommend all to have an energetic company alongside for constant motivation but being alone in the forest has its own perks.

-There should be at least one litter bottle of water alongside, as you will be needing a lot of watter especially during the second half of the climbing phase.

-Your mobile should be fully charged for the sake of mobile torch and don’t worry as no-one will buzz you since its a mobile signal free zone.

-Do NOT wear casual floats, formal shoes or flip flop for hiking as other than joggers all other options will fail big-time.

-Do carry a cap or a hat, if hiking during bright sunny day as the second part of the climbing phase is mostly shade-less with chances of getting sun burns.

-If lost follow the sunset (West) it will eventually lead you to the road from sheer you can easily grab a taxi. (There are a lot of cabs on the other side of the road and they charge approx 400-500/ PKR to drop you back to the parking lot)

Bringing your children along is not a good idea if your planing to complete the entire length of the track same goes for old people. However they can easily travel till the mid way fresh water stream which indeed is quite a good spot to take a break .

I believe the social media talks about the leopard sightings should be taken seriously although my entire experience was secure and safe.

Oneway hiking of the track will take approximately two hours to complete.

I would highly recommend everyone to at least try this adventure for once in their life.

I also like to thank SAPM Ministry of Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam for awarding margalla hills a National Park status by making it part of the 15 National Parks that are protected and preserved through “Protected Areas Initiative “.

I would love to visit the remaining 14 of them!

Usman Bin Zaheer



Photography in quarantine

In future people would say that there was a time when the entire #planet stood still, shocked and helpless.

When the pride and the confidence of “understanding the #nature” was shattered away . When the world was too busy in studying the black holes, millions of years away, unaware of inhouse unfolded #disasters.

The outbrak of #Covid-19 #Corona virus has lead the entire world population towards #catastrophe .

For the first time world population realized the true meaning of fear on a #global scale….

This Thanos inspired #virus is finally here to wipe off the weak and old part of our society to keep the dice of nature rolling,

Scientists say that till the discovery of actual #cure … self #isolation is the best course of action.

During the #lockdown spell of corona 2020 (covid-19) since there was not much on my plate to do so I decided to do #photography on the roof of my house back in #Lahore.

I love the experience…!

These are the images that I recently took aprox two days ago from the roof of my house.

One can clearly observe a sudden change in the response and mood of the surrounding animals especially birds. They seemed a lot less afraid of us than they used to be. I mean posing for my shots is usually a very patient thing to do as I do take alot of time in capturing frames.

I am sure lack of hoteling and dinning in hotels will be reducing a large amount of food wastage, ultimately resulting in less food for birds and rodents through trash.

I wish I could ask them how is it going out there and when do you think all this will be over … (April 10, 2020)

Usman Bin Zaheer


Learn how to install and play PUBG on window PC instantly.

PUBG is an online gaming server where users from all over the world login to play a single person shooter combat.

The ultimate goal is to stay alive till the end of the game and attain maximum kills.

Each player enters the game through an airborne dive on an island without any weapon.

Players walk and run-through buildings to collect weapons and kill other players that appears on their way.

After a certain time the players have to switch to different zones marked by two blue circles on the map to stay alive.

The inner circle marks the safe zone whereas the health of the players lying outside the external circle (second circle) keeps decreasing.

The purpose of this zone identification system is to encourage traffic flow of the players and to discourage the “hide n seek” phenomenon.

This game is a mixture of Counter Strike fighting pace combined with versatility of GTA game play, enabling it to be the fifth most sold game in the world.

Considering the fact that majority of the players are downloading and playing it for free (through cheat) on PC, I believe that it ranks number one most purchased game in the world.

Some experts say it’s a down sized version of fortnight.

In order to learn how to download and play PUBG on PC for free watch the link below.

This short quick tutorial of five minutes will guide you (step by step) about the process of how to play PUBG on your PC for free.

Please click the link below.

Usman Bin Zaheer,

Ain Mutabik