Learn How to Smooth & Enrich Skin In Photoshop:

In this digital era of social presence the importance of digital appearance is as important as is our qualification in the physical world and this is exactly where post treatment of display pictures pop in. The myths attached to the first impression still remains alive in the digital world. Now a days there are numerous modes to enhance and enrich your images using software and filters. Despite the presence of so many user-friendly tools, Adobe Photoshop still leads the ranking list as a professional tools to get the goose cooked.

Similarly alongside the wide availability of treatment software available in the market; each software has numerous ways to treat an image.


Today we will share a unique technique of photo treatment with you to teach you how to retouch a photo professionally.


Let’s begin our today’s tutorial,


By the end of this tutorial you will learn how to,

  1. Remove uneven skin tone.
  2. Remove skin acne.
  3. Remove face marks.
  4. Add glow to face.


The need of the hour is to learn fast how to apply skin treatment instantly through Adobe Photoshop and become a professional.

All through five simple steps!

  1. Apply High Pass Filter.
  2. Apply Invert.
  3. Set to Overlay Blending Mode.
  4. Make a Mask.
  5. Remove Desired Selection.

To Watch Video Click Following Link,

Quick Video Tutorial For Skin Treatment using Photoshop. 



Learn how to install and play PUBG on window PC instantly.

PUBG is an online gaming server where users from all over the world login to play a single person shooter combat.

The ultimate goal is to stay alive till the end of the game and attain maximum kills.

Each player enters the game through an airborne dive on an island without any weapon.

Players walk and run-through buildings to collect weapons and kill other players that appears on their way.

After a certain time the players have to switch to different zones marked by two blue circles on the map to stay alive.

The inner circle marks the safe zone whereas the health of the players lying outside the external circle (second circle) keeps decreasing.

The purpose of this zone identification system is to encourage traffic flow of the players and to discourage the “hide n seek” phenomenon.

This game is a mixture of Counter Strike fighting pace combined with versatility of GTA game play, enabling it to be the fifth most sold game in the world.

Considering the fact that majority of the players are downloading and playing it for free (through cheat) on PC, I believe that it ranks number one most purchased game in the world.

Some experts say it’s a down sized version of fortnight.

In order to learn how to download and play PUBG on PC for free watch the link below.

This short quick tutorial of five minutes will guide you (step by step) about the process of how to play PUBG on your PC for free.

Please click the link below.

Usman Bin Zaheer,

Ain Mutabik

Caged Beast . . . !

“when the odds are tough.. . a slight change of perspective can help caging any beast”

(took this pic in Karachi. . . I am obsessed with sun)


Lost hope..!

“when solutions stop making sense . . . .”


(at Shalamar Garden. . . when I looked upon the roof I couldn’t resist capturing the dead end . . . dead end to light. . . life. . . and even hope. . . be careful when u fall. . . because going up isn’t an option anymore)