Thats how simple LIFE is !

” a perfect analogical cycle of life. . . “

 How it all started . . . the bloom. . . . and shattering away. . . 

(It was takken during a warm sunny hot office lunch break . . . when the thrust was reigning most of my senses . . . I planned to capture refreshness. . . what i captured was lust . . . for a moment both felt same . . . ! 


2 thoughts on “Thats how simple LIFE is !

  1. Life …..just a 4 letters word , looks SIMPLE….. but it’s an ocean of happiness, sadness, excitement, adventure, mystery, unpredictability…. Life is the all about how you perceive it , perceptions comes from experiences, experiences comes from people you interact with, people comes into your life because you select them to get into your life…. And they come into your life obviously for good reasons , some stay, because their role has not yet finished, some go away because their role in your life gets finished…The people who go away gives you cherishing memories, and something to ponder over ….. However,this cycle helps you to mould yourself in more better way…..:)

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